Mistaken Identity: My Dog Is Playing Here, That's All
Homeless Customer Makes Cashier's Day



This is insensitive of the advertisers to place their bleach ad next to the assault of this poor boy! I read the story and this boy won't lose his sight because he was wearing glasses when the other boys spilled bleach on him. I think these boys should be charged criminally for using a caustic liquid in the way the manufacturers wouldn't want it used!


It's an automatic system. It looks for words in the story and sees if it has any ads that match those words. It has no context-reading capability.

And yes, they should be.


When the for-profit colleges were getting called out I would see ads everywhere for for-profit colleges.

but yeah 'Pour with confidence' is a little twisted.

Kai Lowell

You know, sometimes I think eye bleach should be a thing, but this is taking it a LITTLE too far...

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