Mannequin Minimalism at Walmart
Font Fails: 20 Not 90

Cashier Hell: Customer's card broken = our incompetence



From Eatenplace7439, Tales From Retail:

Background: Fuck background, it's retail.

Customer complaint:

Chip reader at the register did not work and I was not given an alternative way to pay. Left the store with over $100 sitting on the counter. The manager at this store should be fired for not maintain infrastructure to conduct normal business. (competitor) thanks him for providing them with a new customer.

Her card was visibly chewed up and unable to be inserted into our chip reader. We asked if she had any other payment to use, yelled no. I was called up front. I refused to type in the credit card manually because I couldn't even read the numbers as well as company policy. Was told I wouldn't have a job tomorrow and stormed off.










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