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From Flutilicious:

Last night I was basically working alone as my Store Manager decided not to come in.  My kitchen guy stayed later to do the “heavy stuff” like trash and shoveling the sidewalks but I spent the majority of the shift running register by myself, although K (kitchen guy) did come help when the line got very long.

I was at the end of a busy period and looking forward to sneaking away from the register for a drink of water (we’re not allowed to have water at the register, however I have broken this rule more than once, just not last night).  Last in line is a young lady, late teens (over 18 but under 21 by her ID).  She bought a drink and a package of Swisher Sweets.  I ask for her rewards card for the drink and she gets all ditzy, like this request suddenly made her brain explode. 

While she’s going “um, ahhh, uhhh” and fiddling through her tiny coin purse (the size that you’d give a 5 year old to play with, that is too small to have any actual useful purpose), the line is beginning to grow. 

Thinking to speed her up, I tell her that she can use her phone number if she can’t find her actual card and set it up for her, all she had to do was enter the number on the keypad. 

OMW, this made it worse because she had so much difficulty punching in her phone number! 

“Um, eiiiight foooouuuur seeeeveeeeen…..”  AHHHHHH!  Line is now to the back door, K is on break so I can’t get him to help (off the clock). 

She FINALLY gets her number in and she had earned a free drink, so her total was only $1.09 for the Swishers. 

Re commence picking through the tiny coin purse….customers behind her are getting antsy,  one of them offers to pay just to get her out of there and she looks like she’s going to cry and says “I don’t like to be rushed”.   

Fabulous Custy in line says “And I don’t like to be late getting back to work”. 

Schnowflake looked like she was going to have a melt down, she just froze.  She had a dollar out, I took the dollar and said “Don’t worry about the change, I need to help my other customers”.

This seemed to wake her up, she found a dime, dropped her ID on the floor, and left saying “You shouldn’t be working here!”

Fabulous Custy replied “You shouldn’t be shopping here if you can’t be considerate of other people”

Fabulous Custy got a free coffee :)









Kind of sounds like the poor thing might have some social anxiety or other issues. However, she should of been a little grateful you were nice and patient with her to the level you were and the fact you were offering to assist her. You did everything right and she lashed out with her agitation.


Somebody else told me she could have had social anxiety issues, however she came in during the busiest time of day for any gas station...right when people are getting off work and stopping in for their gas and beer for the night. Plus we were swamped because it was snowing (for some reason snow brings out the worst in people), not the best time for someone with social anxiety to visit a place of business.


And having social anxiety is not a good reason to be a dickhead, it's an excuse. If you know you have a cold you don't go coughing up chunks of lung on people and saying 'it's ok, I have a cold'. If you know you have a problem, you deal with the problem, don't dump it on other people.

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