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From imactuallyNotaStan, Tales From Retail:

Ya know I could do a whole study on customers and why they hate giving cashiers their ID and I still wouldn’t understand this one interaction I had with a man about his ID.

To start: at my store we have to ask for ID if you use credit no matter what, also I am Black (this is relevant.)

So I’m at my register when a (Black) guy comes up, ready to check out. I do the obligatory Hi How are you, did you find everything okay? We have a civil conversation, and I finish scanning his items pretty quickly. I tell him the price and he gets out his card...

Me: Credit or debit?

Him: Credit

Me: Okay can I see your ID please?

Him: sighs oh it’s gonna be one of THOSE days

Me: Are you okay?

Him: I just- being a black man and you asking for my ID.. I’ll just pay cash

Me: (internally i’m like wtf I am black, like obviously black, like ?!?!) Um?? I have to ask everyone for their ID if they pay credit.

Him: I rather just not deal with it hands me cash

Me: Mm, okay! hands him change & receipt Have a great day!

I really, really, REALLY don’t know what that was about BUT it still makes me laugh to this day so








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