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Closing Time Nightmares: The Five Hour Customer



From kurocuervo Tales From Retail:

This happened a few weeks ago. I was working closing shift at an office supplies store when a customer approaches me about an item that has to be requested through our online services. I tell her that she can order it online and she confesses that she has absolutely no idea how to do that, but she knows we're closing soon and she doesn't want to take up any more time because she's been in the store since 4 PM.

It is nearly 9 PM.

I can't believe that she's really been in the store for five hours, but I say nothing about it. I get on the computer and take a few minutes to write instructions for navigating the website into her notebook. She thanks me and heads to the checkout with her cart. She has a lot of items...I suppose she has been here for quite a while, anyway.

It's now closing time, she is the last customer in the store, and the MOD is at the checkout. From what I could tell, she was asking him questions about anything and everything related to her purchases— are any of these items on sale, can I get a discount, is this insured, stuff like that. She wasn't rude, but it seemed clear that she had some kind of disability which made shopping difficult for her and I was starting to think that maybe she really had been in the store for several hours.

The MOD (bless him) is incredibly patient and accommodating as he is still working with this customer forty minutes after closing time. Meanwhile, I have clocked out but I feel so awkward about possibly leaving before a customer that, like the other associates still left in the store, I wander around wondering what to do and cringing for over half an hour. I don't know how much longer that lady was at the checkout for, but at this forty minutes after closing, I finally decide to just tell the manager that I've clocked out so I'm going to leave. He was fine with it but I haven't talked about that shift with him since.








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