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From  empressfelicia, Tales From Retail:

So at the craft store we work at, we honor prices that are displayed incorrectly.

So I call up the next customers to my register. Here comes Customer (C) and Customer's Friend (CF) (Side note: there was a 60% off coupon for one regular priced item. This becomes relevant later)

I greet just like any other customer, and I ring up their item, which is priced at $20, and then I scan their coupon, which brings the price to about $8 before tax.

Me: Your total is $8

C: No that can't be right.

Me: I'm sorry? How is it not right?

C: It said it was $10

(Another side note, C's tone was really aggressive.)

CF: Yeah, it said it was $10! Are you stupid?

Then they proceed to talk amongst themselves.

Me: I would love to see where the item was displayed.

CF walks me to where they found the item, and I'm scanning the item in-hand, to confirm exact item location.

Anyways, we arrive to the section, where the items were placed on top of two different prices. On the left was the $20 price. On the right was the $10.

CF: See! It's supposed to be $10! (In I-told-you-so attitude)

I then move the item stack to the left by one inch.

Me: What price is it?

CF realizes that the price rung up at the registers was correct. We walk back to the registers, where CF informs C, and they abruptly leave.

tl;dr - Customer says price is wrong, I check out how it was displayed, and see that the item was on two different prices. I move the item by one inch to where it's supposed to be. The price wasn't wrong.

-- empressfelicia








At my now former gas station job people would move the shelf tags on the liquor shelves thinking they'd get a $4 can for a dollar...and of course get yelled at for "poor customer service" because I wouldn't price change liquor.

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