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Customer Service Hell: "Don’t apologize, they get yelled at all the time, it’s their job and they’re used to it."


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From LeonidasVader, Tales From Retail:

So I work at a major mobile retailer in the US. In our stores, my role is to sign people into our queue if we don’t have a consultant available to help them right away. However, I also sometimes answer quick questions for people who don’t really need help from a consultant. Some people struggle to understand this, but if they are polite I don’t mind explaining why I may answer someone’s question and send them on their way, “helping” them, before a person who has been waiting whose issue requires one-on-one attention from a sales rep.

Today we had a lady waiting who needed a consultant’s help. Another customer came behind who simply needed someone to swipe her card to buy an accessory. No account access or setup needed. It’s a quick sale, so our policy is not to make them wait. I engaged our manager to quickly run her card and send her on her way. Angry lady will be AL and I’ll be me.

AL: Don’t you know how to read? I’m on the list and you just send someone to help her even though I’m waiting?!?! Your customer service is terrible!

Me: Ma’am, she only needs to make an accessory purchase, while you need personalized assistance from a consultant. Our manager can’t stay with you as she has to be available to assist our consultants, but she does have time to sell that accessory. You are next up and we can have someone help you.

AL: I see how it is, you just don’t like me. You just don’t want to help me!

Me: I don’t help anyone, I’m just signing people in.

AL: But you skipped me.

Me: It is easy to understand this policy. If you don’t lower your voice I’ll have to ask you to leave.

She continues to rage for a while, but eventually burns out. She comes back to apologize to me and tells me how she lost her job, has been under a lot of stress, etc. I tell her not to worry and that I accept her apology, and wish her well on her job search. This is when Bitch lady, BL, a nearby customer steps in.

BL: Don’t apologize, they get yelled at all the time, it’s their job and they’re used to it.

Ugh. An almost good ending ruined by an even more ignorant customer than the first.

TL;DR: Lady doesn’t understand how to politely ask about the queuing system, acts inappropriately, and apologizes. Another customer steps in to say she shouldn’t apologize because being yelled at is my job and I am used to it.





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