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From  dexidrone, Tales From Retail:

A mom and her child are at self checkout. She's teaching him how to scan and to be honest it was going fine. Then they got to the limes. So now she tries to teach the child how to use the produce lookup function. They start with the pictures and I hear her say to the child, "Now select the one that says vegetables."

After initial "wtf!?" in my head, I came to assist. I pointed out that limes were fruits but then showed her that it was easier to use the search by name option. After the whole thing she turned to me and said, "Thank you for your help. I learned something new today!"

I reply, "Oh that the search by name feature is easier?" ...

"No, I learned that limes aren't vegetables."

-- dexidrone








But they are green, so doesn't that mean veggie? Same rule applies to Shamrock Shakes this time of year

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