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Hellspawn Encounter: The Screaming Child



From Mad_Mordenkainen, Tales From Retail:

This happened two days ago in my store at about 1pm.

I'm standing at my spot trying to sell my product when in the distance I hear a kid scream. Pretty normal sound in retail. I continue pushing product. A few minutes later I hear the scream closer and louder. This kid must not be having a fun day.

A moment later the kid is in the next aisle to me and I hear an ear piercing shriek followed by a scream. While I ponder if the kid has autism or not and serve another customer I notice the kid isn't stopping. I can't hear any scolding from the parent so I guess the mum or dad is just letting the kid wear itself out.

Suddenly the kid stops mid-scream. Papa bless. I go back to serving and then I see my team lead rush over to my manager. "Hey we need maintenance with a mop in the fridge aisle. A kid just vomited."

The kid screamed so hard he/she vomited all over the aisle. I can't move from my spot because of the location of my product so I put up with the smell of kid vomit for about half an hour. Fun times in retail.








Misty Meanor

My deepest sympathies.


"Kick the baby!"


I am curious why that kid who screamed on the plane didn't vomit? I mean, he was doing that for 8 hours! I hate the thought of cleaning vomit!

Kai Lowell

I wonder if the kid was screaming because it felt unwell? Not that it excuses the parents doing nothing about it!


@TechTyger Don't kick the goddamned baby!


Kick the baby!

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