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From  Ainrana, Tales From Retail:

I was chatting with my coworker behind the counter and we were minding our own business. All of the sudden, I see a lady throw down two bracelets on my coworker's counter and she runs off almost as quickly as she came in. My coworker and I are a bit startled, as though we actually saw a ghost messing around with the merchandise.

So I pick both the bracelets up and take them back. As I'm putting them away, the Bracelet Lady approaches me and screams, "What are you doing?! I told you to hold those for me!"

I was confused, because if she said anything, she didn't even make eye contact with either of us or try to get our attention before doing that. I explained that the store's policy states we cannot hold items for customers, but she was welcome to take a basket.

She stared at me wide-eyed for a moment, but then said, "Well, you should have told me I couldn't hold any items when I put them on the counter! You are so, so rude!"

I blinked. I said okay and I gave the bracelets back to her.

I went behind the register again and shrugged at my coworker. It's too rainy to put much thought into it. However, maybe ten seconds after I returned, the Bracelet Lady comes up to us again, and this time even goes back behind the counter with us. She jabs a finger at us and says, "You know...you two should have told me that I couldn't hold items, okay? You two said nothing even as I walked away." She was trembling and her voice was kind of cracking (keep in mind these are cheapass rope bracelets and there was like fifty of them).

I stared at her as though she was melting into the floor. My coworker, now realizing that I wasn't going to say anything to her, smiled a Retail Smile and said she was sorry about our 'behavior'.

Bracelet Lady didn't like this response from either of us, so she went back to the store and ran over to the designer jewelry counter, where two of my other coworkers are chatting, also minding their own business. They told me later that Bracelet Lady asked if either of them were managers. Neither of them are, but the customer service woman lied and said that she was in fact the manger and asked what the problem was. Bracelet Lady tells them the whole story, and how rude my coworker and I were to her, and how we need to be disciplined.

However, the coworker behind the jewelry counter just blinked, and asked, "...so do you want to check out now, or...?"

That's when Bracelet Lady snarled and screamed, "No, I'm not spending my goddamn money here!" She threw down the two bracelets and then walked out of the store, not purchasing anything at all.

She should have told us she wasn't going to buy anything.

-- Ainrana





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