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From CalLil6

I used to be a manager at a fairly expensive Italian restaurant that has the word “pizza” in its name. It was common for managers to answer the phone for takeout and delivery orders if the hosts were busy. One day I got a call and answered it with the usual “thank you for calling ***pizza, this is [my name] speaking, how can I help you?” The lady asks for delivery, I take her address and she orders two large pizzas, her total is around $60.

She then tries to tell me that her total is wrong, it should be $24.99.

I go through her order and explain to her how much each pizza costs with her chosen toppings, and she starts to get angry, telling me I’m scamming her, we have a special on now for two large pizzas for $24.99, she can see the sign from her window!

At this point I’m really confused, because we have never had a special like that, have no exterior signs advertising any specials, and the address she gave me was across town from the restaurant so she couldn’t possibly see it. I ask her to read me the sign she can see from her window, and it prominently displays the name of a discount pizza place (and a phone number that was not the number she called).

Realizing the problem, I try to tell this lady that she has called a different restaurant at a different phone number. She absolutely refuses to believe me and throws a temper tantrum on the phone demanding I honour that restaurant’s advertised special and send her pizzas immediately for the price she wants. After a few more unsuccessful attempts to communicate to her that I was in a completely different restaurant, I gave up and hung up on her.

I hope she got her pizza.










Holy cow, $60 for two pizzas? I live in one of the most expensive areas in the country and I've NEVER seen that kind of insane pricing. You don't work in a "fairly expensive" Italian restaurant you work in an "exorbitantly expensive" one.


Yeah, unless it's a setup for a porn movie ("You ordered extra...sausage?"). No pizza is worth 25$ each.

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