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Hello all! After laughing my butt off at the stupidity of people here, I wanted to add my story to the pantheon.

The setting is a brand new movie theater that had opened up in my hometown in the summer of 2006, my graduating year. My friends and I would go down and frequent the place quite often.

One night in particular we had a decent group of people go down and we decided to get all dressed up with our girlfriends.

So I was wearing a button down shirt, some slacks, and (what I thought at the time but couldn't be more wrong) a super cool looking leather trench coat (I know, I know). I bought it after watching the Matrix thinking it was the coolest movie I had ever seen. I thought it had a classic look to it as well a la the roaring 20's. Thing is, we don't live in the roaring 20's, it's not the matrix, and people used to mock it by saying I was in the "columbine trench coat mafia". Shades of r/blunderyears now that I think of it...

We get down there and walk up to the front door. Since I was the first to get there, I held the door for my girl and our friends. Suddenly this guy pulls up super fast in his car, gets out, and walks up to the door. He hands me his car keys saying "I'll tip ya when the movie is done" and heads in.

(He didn't wait for a ticket. How did he intend to get the car back? I honestly have no idea. It was so weird.)

I'm left stunned, and my best friend at the time comes running back out giddy at the whole event. I look at him and ask "Wanna go for a ride?"

Mind you I don't even have a license at this point, but I've driven before. We take it out for a spin in the back parking lot, park the car near the theater, and head inside to leave the keys with guest services.

Needless to say I didn't get a tip, but I got a fun story out of it.





I'd be tempted to drop the keys on ground where I was standing, and head inside.


In reality, I'd leave his car where it was, and drop his keys off at customer service on my way in without touching his car or moving it from the (probable) fire lane.


I'd park it as far away as possible, make the bastard walk and wander around forever.

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