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From  SEND_ME_YOUR_CAULK, Tales From Retail:

This was my first job working at a failing retail chain in the mall. I had worked probably 2 weeks when this happened.

Every once in a blue moon I have to go through and scan 50 items and the sticker on the shelf to check pricing and all that jazz. I was told by one of the three managers that I need to handwrite the tags to correct the wrong ones.

As it turns out the handwritten tags I was making were no longer valid because the promotional event they were for was over. Naturally I went to my manager to ask, we'll call him "K". K has no idea what tags I'm supposed to use, so he takes me to the general manager who we know as "T". K, T and I were all standing around the computer looking at the pamphlet from corporate telling us what goes where and all that. K asks what signs are supposed to be used and T goes to the handwritten portion and can't find the tags. J have no clue what the hell is going on so I'm just observing at this point. K gets mad at T and so they start bickering and the third manager "D" sticks her nose in and starts yelling at them for something else.

Soon enough the three of them are arguing about the tags and T is pointing at his screen yelling "LOOK AT THE PICTURE D. DO YOU SEE THOSE SIGNS?"

This went on for about 10 minutes with me stuck at in the room being uncomfortable as hell.

After it dissipated they all wandered off and to this day I still haven't finished that task.










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