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From  YouCanCallMeQueenB, Tales From Retail:

I work at a hardware store at the customer service desk. One of my many jobs is answering incoming calls.

A gentleman called asking for the plumbing department. I had just transferred a call to them so asked if I was able to help him out instead. He explained that he just arrived home from the store and realized he had put a fitting in his pocket without paying for it.

HT: “I feel really bad, can I pay for it?”

I’m silent for a moment as I’m in shock that he’s even called about it.

Me: “...Well of course you can, we definitely appreciate your honesty.”

I had him read the tag number and he provided his payment information and that was that.

He said he was sorry and I asked him not to do it ever again and we shared a laugh.

I’ve been here for six years and that has never happened. Most people would just go on about their day. It’s always nice to know there are still honest people in the world!

-- YouCanCallMeQueenB






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