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Restaurant Scammer Alert: Red Flags Reveal Complaint About Order Was a Scam



From Former McHell Manager:

My restaurant has five managers, and all of them are trained that if we get a complaint, we write it down on a designated sheet of paper that gets put up in a designated spot up front. In the past, we had a few managers who always forgot to write the complaint down, but those people have come and gone, and now I -know- that every manager writes down complaints/what actions we are taking to resolve the complaint when the customer returns. 

Also, 99% of the time, managers are the only ones to answer the phone. There is literally only one other person in the store that we allow to answer the phone and she knows how to handle complaints as well. After all, it isn't a huge operation; it's just a fast food joint in a small town. 

One other small point, we usually do not replace food unless there is evidence that they bought it/something was wrong:  A receipt, the wrong food, my knowledge that something went out wrong, a phone call, etc. If it's a small item like a small fry, it's not worth the fight, but for the most part, I need some sort of proof. 

So last night, I was working the closing shift and cleaning the dining room when the phone rang. When I picked it up, a guy told me that he had called the previous night and was given the wrong order, and the manager told him he could come back and get his order replaced. He didn't make it back to the store that night, and was curious if he could come "today" (today being last night, as I am typing this the next day) I checked our complaints area, and nothing was written down. Script form time!

Me: Well do you know who you talked to?

Him: No, I don't remember her name (okay, not everyone remembers names when they call, I get that)
Me: Do you happen to have your receipt?

Him: No, it got wet.... (red flag number one!)

Me: Ooookay, well what was your order supposed to be?

Him: Two *sandwiches* with cheese

OCTOCAROL 341After a brief hold where I ask questions to the person who was on the previous shift if she remembers an order being handed out, of course not, but I decide that I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him the two sandwiches. 

Him: I also had two large fries with that order! (Red flag number two: suddenly adding on food)

Me: Well unfortunately since it's not written down, and you do not have your receipt, I can only replace the two sandwiches.

The guy accepts this and we hang up, continuing our nights. Shortly after, he comes inside. My worker calls me from the dining room and I proceed to ring his order through (still have to ring it up and make it free, gotta count that inventory somehow!)

Him: So you really can't give me the fries?

Me: Well unfortunately without the receipt, I can only give you the sandwiches. 

Him: I have the receipt, it just got wet so you can't read it.

Me: Well the receipt is thermal paper, it shouldn't matter if it got wet as it has no ink to smear.

Him: It was in a lunch box! (oookay that's supposed to change anything at all?)

I went to go wait for his food, getting the bag ready, when he throws the third, and biggest Red Flag at me. 

Him: It's just so shitty. I got two double *sandwiches* and you are giving me the single *sandwiches* and I had fries in my order!

Me: told me you had ordered two *sandwiches*, not two double *sandwiches*...

Him: No I didn't, I said double!

Me: No, you definitely told me the regular *sandwich* with cheese

Him: This is so shitty. Because it's not written down, I can't get what I ordered?!

Me: Well unfortunately the double *sandwich* is $7 for one, and without proof, I cannot just give it out for free...

Him: When is your GM going to be in??

Me: Tomorrow morning...

Him: Well I'll be calling tomorrow morning! This is just shitty!

After that, he got his food and left, grumbling still. This guy wanted me to replace a near $20 order with no evidence whatsoever that it's what he ordered, or even that he had been there the previous night. He added onto his order once he found out that I would give him free food, and then once that food was actually being made, he changed his story and claimed it was supposed to be a more expensive sandwich. And then tried to bully me by saying he's going to call in the morning-99% of the time they do not call, they're just trying to pressure me into caving and giving them what they want. What he doesn't know is my GM will back me, so -if- he does call, the GM will not cave in. 

This is what I get for giving someone the benefit of the doubt and replacing food with no evidence. 

PS: I texted the previous night manager after, she never got a call from this dude and she would have been the only one to answer the phone. So yeah, total 100% scammer. 

--Former McHell Manager







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