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Grocery hell 3

From echeverialola, Tales From Retail:

A couple years ago he was working at a well known pricey health food store. The grocery store was on a corner and had housing directly behind and next to it. Across the street was a shopping plaza with a different well known grocery store.

My fiancé was a supervisor for the customer service team and was assisting a cashier with a difficult customer. Suddenly, he heard another cashier a couple lanes over shout an expletive and jump up. Customers and employees alike stop what they’re doing and watch as this scene unfolds. The cashier next to the original also shouts and jumps up onto the counter while staring down.

My fiancé slowly walks over, thinking it might be an animal that snuck in, only to find a half dressed tweaker holding a shoe crawling under his registers. A cashier pages for store management and security to come as my fiancé tries to get him out from under the registers. Instead, the guy runs across to the customer service/return desk (it had somewhat open access, unlike a lot of major grocery stores) and flops over onto his back in a crouched position.

Store management and security show up. They try coercing the guy to GTFO because they cannot legally remove him. He starts wildly flailing his legs around (possible attempts to kick them?) and says something nonsensical. Mind you, this all takes place in about five minutes’ time.

Suddenly five or six police officers run into the store and see everyone standing around the desk. They immediately wave* everyone away and take over the situation. Within two minutes they have this guy cuffed in the back of a patrol car and are actively taking statements.

Apparently, he had “accidentally” broken into someone else’s condo unit. He claimed that he thought it was his, but the owner of the condo was inside and said he tried to make off with the Blu-ray player. The owner then chased the tweaker down the street while talking to a 911 dispatcher. He had thrown a shoe at the tweaker and the tweaker took it an ran.

That was one of the many things my fiancé had to deal with while at that particular store.






Misty Meanor

It seems the list of insanity never ends.


Ah, fun with tweakers.....


LMAO! I know it sucks when it happens, but it makes for a great story at least. Tweakers provide a lot of comic relief, TBH. I had one try to sell me a part of a bike at a bus stop. Not even the whole thing, just a brake assembly and handlebars. Not sure where he stole it from, but he was obviously all kinds of spun XD

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