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From heroiclord Tales From Retail:

This was during the back to school shopping season of 2017. 

So I worked as a cashier in the afternoon shift 3-9pm. One of my first customers that day was a couple who had been in the store for a long time and were finally ready to checkout. They had a huge cart full of school supplies. I rang in their items as fast as I could (didn’t want to hang up the line) and went about their day. It was super simple!!

Well, about 4 hours later, I see some customers coming into the store. I recognized them as the couple in the store earlier that day. And they had bags of items. My heart sank; I had a funny feeling of what was about to happen.

I’ll be Me and the Couple will be C.

Me: What can I help you with?

C: yeah, we were in here earlier today buying school supplies. We went to other stores as part of our errands for that day. We saw that the other stores had cheaper prices. So instead of us going home and figuring out which items to keep and return, we decided to return everything and start over.

Me: (Oh please don’t do this to me. PLEASE!!!!). (Retail smile activate). Sure thing, let’s get started.

I start to return everything. The thing about our system is that I can’t just scan the items to return them. That would be too easy. I have to individually scan them (there was no bulk option) and select the reason for the return. Their original total was around $200.

There were some items that were open or missing the packaging (because they opened it while doing errands???) and they still insisted on the return. There was one item that I literally couldn’t return and they had to keep. They mumbled and grumbled saying how they overpaid for that item.

I hated that couple.

TL;DR: couple buys a cart full of school supplies. They come back later to return it ALL saying that wanted a do over for the next day and get the supplies for cheaper elsewhere.











Back in the day, this could have been my parents (other than attempting to return opened items). 8 kids, all needing school supplies, limited budget...if they found the several dozen notebooks required each year for us a little cheaper elsewhere, you'd better believe they'd return for that savings.

Even not including school clothes, each new school year set my parents back several hundred dollars. As not fun as a huge return is, I understand why they did it.

(due to my parents budget school supplies, I'm still a sucker for fancy notebooks, cool pens, stickers...such things were never in the budget and now and again I have to indulge LOL)

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