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From  CappuccinoBreve, Tales From Retail:

I work in a small garden center. This happened several years ago, but I was recently reminded of it.

Customer: "What's the best soil for my vegetable garden? I want to use something all organic."

Me: "Our Super Harvest mix is an excellent soil for veggies. It's all organic and has compost, kelp meal, worm castings..."

Customer: "Worms? Like... real worms?"

Me: "Earthworms, actually, their castings... worm 'leavings' you could call's really good for the soil"

Customer: "So the worms would be in my vegetables?!"

Me: "No, it's just their castings, they're good for the the soil"

Customer: "So when we eat the vegetables will there be worms?"

Me: "No... no worms, just their castings in the soil"

Customer: Yes, but won't the worms be in our vegetables when we eat them??"

Me: "No... no worms... "

Customer: "Are you sure????"

Me: "Yes!"

Customer: "But won't their 'leavings' make us sick?"

Me: "No, it will help your vegetables grow and become part of the soil...."

Customer: "Ohhhhh kayyyyyyy.... well I think I'll just go buy "Fantastic Grow" soil at "Big Box Store" instead"

Me: Facepalm

(It's a good thing I never got as far as telling her about the chicken manure and bat guano)

-- CappuccinoBreve







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