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Retail Memories: Mum Kindness at the Zoo



From mermaid-for-this, Tales From Retail:

Spent a summer working in the gift shop of a small zoo that was in a wealthy area, posh mums were the bane of my existence but one of them was responsible for the kindest gesture I've seen in my retail career.

I was finishing a transaction with a lovely woman (Mum1) who was trying to unfold her buggy so she could leave but was struggling. Gift shop was quite small so she was blocking people from moving past her to the exit, there was quite a wealthy looking woman (Mum2) behind her waiting to leave with her own buggy and I braced myself for unpleasantness.

Mum1: Oh I'm SO sorry this buggy is rubbish but we can't really justify buying a new one

Mum2: What brand is it?

Mum1: Names a low-end brand

Mum2: Oh no they're terrible quality. You know my little one has pretty much grown out of this one and we were going to get rid of it, you may as well take it!

Mum1 is astounded and protests to this gesture but Mum2 is already collecting her stuff from the buggy to hand it over.

Mum2: Honestly you'd be doing me a favour, otherwise I'd have to arrange for someone to collect it.

Mum2 refuses to take any money of Mum1 and leaves with her child, thanking us for the visit. Mum1 is still in shock and then checks the brand of her new buggy and practically faints.

Mum1: This brand costs over a thousand normally!

We look the model up on the computer (hey, slow day) and lo and behold this buggy (which is in very good condition) retails for around £1,300, and this woman has handed it over like it was nothing. Mum1 teared up and told me they couldn't afford even a cheap new model and now had a high-end one! She left still in daze after I said we could dispose of her old one and I thought about this interaction every time I had to deal with horrible customers that summer.






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