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 From  Pofoml, Tales From Retail:

Today we had an issue where we had to call the police for a verbal threat.

Guy came in with a product that he didn't understand how to use. The employee spent a good part of the morning talking to the man over the phone on how to use this product, but he just was not understanding it. She did an excellent job explaining it to the man, but he was frustrated.

He came into the store and the interaction went like this.

C is customer, E is employee, Me is me.

C: I want to return this piece of trash!

E:Not a problem, I need the device here to return it.

C:Now I gotta drive home and get that GODDAM piece of garbage and bring it back!?

Me:Sir, do not tell in the store, we have other families here, we are trying to conduct Buisness. Lower your voice and do not swear at my employee.

At this point the customer swears again and throws his keys as hard as he can against the wall.

Me: Leave immediately or I am going to call the cops. You are yelling and throwing things. Everyone in the store feels threatened by you right now.


Me: okay E, call the police. Sir, you are no longer welcome at our store. You need to leave immediately. Customer turns to exit and as he walks out the door we all heard him say this

C: I'll be back with my gun!

So we call the police and they are waiting for the guy in his driveway. They confirm that he had a gun at his house that was registered and they went to go talk to him. We have a no trespass on him so if we see him around we are calling the cops on him.

Usually I am very patient. I give customers probly way more wiggle room than I should, but today was just different. I did not give this guy one inch of leighway. Although I didn't do anything to escalate the situation, I certainly didn't do anything to de-escalate either. I still feel I made the right call given what he said as he was walking out. Who walks out of a store filled with families, small children, and elderly people making threats about coming back with a gun over a product that you didn't understand how to use?

-- Pofoml




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