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Server Hell: “I’m leaving because my soup isn’t BOILING”



From  fuck_a_stamp Tales From Your Server:

Tonight was really bad. I’m only three weeks into this new job but I’ve served before. But there are so many dumb rules that it makes everything harder.

Had a table come in with a couple. Man says he’s disappointed his normal server isn’t here and that they’ll just have to settle for me. Ok fuck you too. Then he orders soup. He wants it BOILING HOT. He’s also in a rush so that makes sense.

The soup is always kept heated already because servers grab it so I go to the managers and tell them about it and they nuke it in the microwave to make it really hot. It splashed around in the bowl and I tried to clean it up a little. So I go to the table and he looks absolutely DISGUSTED. Says “this isn’t hot like I wanted, soupy like I wanted, and I can tell that it’s been microwaved. We’re leaving. I used to be a manager at a restaurant and...” blah blah blah.

The table I had before that ordered wine and as I was pouring it, their 8 year old daughter reached up and hit me and I dropped the glass on her and spilled wine all over her. I’ve never wanted to go home so bad in my life. I mean I felt bad at first but now I don’t because SHE hit ME. Is that bad?

I had to come home and pop a Klonopin just to calm down.

-- fuck_a_stamp






Kids fault don't feel bad, if it had been the scalding soup leaving 3rd degree burns feel bad.


Jofur, I agree with you about the kid! I hope the parents don't expect this server to pay their cleaning bill!


Wine: Evil. Beer: Good
Save your kid's clothes and avoid stains, drink beer :)

No need to feel bad. Was the kid's fault, and doesn't sound like anyone was injured

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