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From  ilikeyourhair Tales From Your Server:

Nightmare 10 top from hell comes in around 11:45 for lunch. Mom and 6 year old, a birthday girl, and 7 other women.

Mom is very demanding, wants me to cater to her daughter constantly. Table constantly ordering rounds of complex cocktails (that of course all have something fancy on the rim). We dont have a bartender so i have to make it.

i had to stop taking tables becuase they were so demanding. whatever, theyre drinkers and celebrating im sure the tip will make up for me sacrificing half my section.

Mom leaves after 3 martinis and 2 entres, 60 dollar tab. 4 dollar tip. cool, whatever, still have 8 people left here so im sure it will even out to being worthwhile.

Woman on the other side of birthday girl has to run. I offer to grab her check really quick, she only ordered soup, i told her it was 4 bucks. She took out a 20 and said "the rest is for you, you did a great job."

Awwww! Nope. Birthday girl takes the 20 right in front of me and says "thats too fuckin much for soup. I'll use the rest to buy another drink."


They all want their checks, lady tells me shell be paying for birthday girl. Birthday girl takes the 20 and says "i guess you dont need this afterall!" and puts it in her purse.

Woman who paid for her tipped me 10 bucks on the 100 dollar tab, i made about 20 bucks off the whole table.

The women started dancing around and scream laughing, kept me about an hour and a half past close.

stay classy ladies.

-- ilikeyourhair











McHell Manager

Isn't typical tips 15-20%, with 20 being for better service? OP is complaining that they got 20% on their a standard tip?

Though only being able to deal with that table and no one else sucks. So I see it both ways


That was $20 combined between the $60 tab, $100 tab, and whatever other extras from the rest of the table, so less than 8% total. Very much stiffed all around.

McHell Manager

Oops, my bad. I can clearly read! Yeah this group sucks

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