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Server Hell: Dear lady that ordered 5 things and payed with 6 cards....



From Dooku, Tales From Retail:

I manage a food truck in my local are and we are pretty famous and well loved. That being said we get really busy.

As I'm sure many of you know and "love" those types of customers I had yesterday that just drove me nuts,

During a lunch rush we have a lady walk up and order 5 sandwiches from us the. Decides half way through she wants soup. Now these big orders throw us off but it's fine we make due. I start to ring her up and as soon as I give her the total, she says in a annoyed tone, "umm those are separate!"....

We all make mistakes so I bite the bullet and apologize and ask how she wants it. She then puts a credit card on the table and says each one will be payed for separately. I hate these types since it further clogs the process but I smiled and began running the first 3 cards and 2 batches of cash...

She then decided she wants me to charge the soup to her card so I have to run that too.

Each time hitting the "No Tip" button and making me crazy.

To you lady that was a huge pain in the ass and hovered around asking is almost every order was hers and didn't tip. I hope you dropped every thing we made you!











Probably the designated gofer to get lunch for the office.

Unrelatedly, I hate tipping at stuff like this. The base purpose of the food truck is 'hand me food'. Why should I pay extra for handing me food? It's not even like a restaurant where you have to carry the food from the kitchen to the table, I'm standing at the window two feet away.

Tech Support Survivor

It's like when you get take out. You might throw the change (less than a buck) in the tip jar, but it seems pointless to give a big tip.

Kinda like all those giant latte mugs I see at coffee shops all fancied up to read tippocinno or something inane. Change less than a dollar, I don't mind tossing in, but really, making a drink is your job.

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