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From SuperMeow92 Tales From Your Server:

So last night I was walking into our bar when a woman stepped up to me and immediately asked, "are you the manager?!"

Me: "yes, how can I help you?"

W: Well you see, our friend has a broken ID insert sob story about how it got broken on the way to FLand we want him to be able to come in and drink with us.

Me: How old is he? W: Ummmmm.... like 27?

Me: Well our company policy is that anyone who looks under 30 is going to be carded and if they don't have proper ID then they won't be allowed in. (Broken ID is an invalid ID seeing as I don't why it's broken. Some states snap a corner off when the ID is no longer valid)

W: Well! If you don't let him in, ALL of these people (like 200) are going to be leaving. Do you really want to lose business??

Me: Sorry ma'am but it's company policy that we can't allow him in.

W: Hmph! storms off to bitch about me to her friends

Lady, what makes you think I'm going to break our company's policy to let your friend in for a beer? His beer isn't worth my job. You're not above the policy.










Was she going to pull the fire alarm to make 200 people leave or what?


I hope dude isn't planning to fly back from vacation, trying to get onto a flight with no ID is going to be a lot more painful then simply not getting to enjoy a beer with your friends...

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