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I work at a restaurant in a province where the minimum wage has recently increased. When it's busy we have on a hostess, a bartender, a manager, and servers, but as the day slows down we cut down until there's only a bartender, manager, and a server or two. This particular Saturday wasn't too busy by 2:30 so we cut the hostess and all but 2 servers. Everything was going fine with a slight push at 3:15 but nothing that would have justified more staff. Or so I thought. Enter miss pleasant, or MP for short.

MP (as she's walking through the restaurant): excuse me! Do I seat myself or do I have to wait for you?

Me (dropping off food for another customer): oh hello! If you don't mind hanging on one second I'll be with you as soon as I'm finished up here.

MP: well I've been waiting and no one has come to seat me. (I should note I was out a minute earlier and she was not at the door)

Me: I'm sorry about that, but I'm here now, so let's get you seated! Pick the spot that makes you comfiest.

MP: Well, here is fine I guess. (the first seat in from the door that she has already walked past to yell at me, and of course it's in my section. Yay me)

VampireMe: works for you, works for me. Now, welcome to restaurant. My name's periodicstudier and-

MP (interrupting me): -I just think it's ridiculous that I had to wait that long for a seat. Can you not afford to have a hostess on with this minimum wage increase?!

Me: I'm very sorry that you had to wait. We do have hostess on when it's busy but when it's slower they aren't as needed.

MP: Well clearly they were need since I had to wait so long for a seat. I shouldn't have to flag down a bartender or some waitress just to sit. You're a business, aren't you? You can only run if customers come in and order but having to wait makes me not want to stay. The minimum wage increase shouldn't affect the customers this much or you'll have none left.

Me: ... ok. Unfortunately when it's slower we do adjust the staffing levels to meet the demand. But now that you're here can I grab you something to drink?

MP proceeds to order wine, water, and lunch. She did apologize after having her meal and wine, but told me twice more how unimpressed she was and how an increased minimum wage doesn't mean we can be lazy and not welcome guests or understaff. After she left I mocked her in the back until my second shift started.





Going out on a limb here but I'm guessing you're either in Ontario or Alberta. A Bank Of Canada job study estimates a loss of 60,000 jobs in 2018 because of the hikes in minimum wages ($14.00 from $11.40 in Ontario alone). Labour expert after labour expert said these hikes would cause job losses but our esteemed government leaders in their infinite wisdom said no way would that happen.

I'm not against raising the minimum wage, but it must be done prudently and in line with true costs of living. Not cranked up because, ya know, votes.

So read the above story and be prepared to read more like it this year.

Tech Support Survivor

"Lady" in the story was just a bitch. If waiting one whole minute is too much for her she's going to bitch about everything.

As for the raise in minimum wage, it is much needed in many places.

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