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Server Hell: Eggs Are Too Eggy



At breakfast someone complained their omelette was "too eggy." They expected a refund or discount or something too. Like what the actual fuck? 

Management didn't give them a refund but also didn't tell them not to come back.

She and her daughter came back about a week later and, I shit you not, she asked if we had any "pretend eggs" in the back.

When she was told we didn't have any she asked for hard boiled eggs "but as fake as possible."

The kitchen laughed their ass off when they heard and just made regular eggs. One of the chefs wanted the server to go tell her that it turns out we had some pretend eggs that the pretend chicken had just laid in the back.

I should have run down to a dollar store and picked up a bag of those plastic eggs for Easter treats. (I'm in Canada, literally never heard of pretend eggs here, maybe it's just my area?)





They may have meant something like Egg Beaters where the yolk is removed. They originally were marketed toward heart patients to lower cholesterol.


I thought they meant one of those egg log thingies that is mass produced to make the perfect slices for salads....

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