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So in addition to being well known for lunch, we're also well known for our hospitality, and basically - if its possible to do we will do it, regardless of how inconveniencing it is to BOH.

Lots of our dishes come in side sizes as well, so you can sub out fries for spaghetti and a meatball, or a side of naan or papadum, or whatever.

Another two top, transcribed as follows:

Seat 1: What's your soup of the day?

Me: Today's soup is creamy wild mushroom.

Seat 1: Great. I'll have that and the X burger.

Me: Excellent. Is that all?

Seat 1: Yes.

I check on them once they get their food and everything is fine, delicious, incredible, etc.

RHSEPT 303Has anyone had a burger that didn't come served with fries? I mean, that's the golden standard! Well apparently this lady has only had lonely, fry-less burgers, because when one of my managers approached them to take payment at my request, suddenly she spoke up about wanting the fries subbed for the soup.

Which, whatever, we ended up losing $3 after the manager fixed it for her. She was polite and kind so again, whatever.

But damn couldn't you have TOLD me that you wanted them subbed out before I put the order in? Or told me that you forgot to mention it when I checked in on you so I could fix it then? Or not eaten all the fries at the very least? Or not specifically asked for the remainder of the fries to be boxed up? Or just sucked it up and paid the extra $7 since you ate all the soup, practically all the fries and wanted the stragglers to go home with you?

I don't think she was trying to scam us, and her friend paid for her meal so she was doing no favours to her friend by saving her $3. She was just clueless.

Anyways, they left, and my manager agreed that it was weird but still had to coach me on asking customers if they want to sub stuff out even when it makes no sense to ask.





Yea, I do not buy that she wasn't trying to scam you. Not saying anything until *after* she had eaten ALL the food she supposedly wanted to "sub" for is classic scummy scammer behavior.

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