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It’s late Saturday afternoon, about 4:15, the sun is getting ready to set and I’m getting ready for the second half of my double. With only one other server on the floor the seating rotation is simple, so when a single older “gentleman” walks into the restaurant I’m the lucky waitress who gets to serve him.

Things are going fine at first, he’s a little demanding but that’s nothing we all haven’t had to deal with. The red flags start popping up when he starts calling me sweetheart and honey in a demeaning way.

I keep my distance just in case but then he says loudly “I’m deaf! You gotta stand close and lean in so I can hear you!”

This makes me uncomfortable but I understand that older people are sometimes hard of hearing. After my tenth trip to his table I’m positive he has everything he needs, ( wine, water, bread, butter, olive oil, Parmesan cheese to sprinkle onto everything, and salad) so naturally I think it’s okay to attend to the five top that was being sat.

I’ve got specials in my hands waiting for them all to sit down before I greet them.

The single man is probably thirty feet away from me, and as I’m taking drink orders for the five top I see him staring at me.

Awesome managersI think to myself, “He must have a question or need extra salad dressing. I’ll stop by after these drink orders.”

I finish taking the orders and look up at him, smile, nod my head and start walking his way. It’s probably been five to seven minutes since I was at his table, but apparently that was too long.

As I take my first step in his direction he turns slightly out of the booth and starts screaming “YOU'RE A HORRIBLE WAITRESS. I WANT A NEW WAITRESS. I'VE BEEN SIGNALING YOU FOR TEN MINUTES.” Ect.

I stand there frozen. My five top is a foot to my left and they’re all staring at me. The guy continues to yell and I finally remember I have feet and swiftly go and find my manager.

I didn’t return to the table, my manager packed the guys food up to go and asked him to leave. So what did this man need so urgently that sent him into this rage? More cherry tomatoes on his complimentary, pre entree, house salad.

The owner of my restaurant knows the man personally and ended up calling him on his home phone to basically chew him out for treating me that way.





I was sure the last sentence was going to end 'and apologized and gave him free shit'. Good for him.

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