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From  DJisSquare, Tales From Retail:

So today I was working our shoe department at our store. I was there for the majority of the day by myself AND on the day that soccer/baseball/football starts for a majority of the kids in my town.

So naturally we are slammed with parents coming in at the last minute to get their kids cleats and shoes. I handled most the day very smoothly, although a lot of people were in a rush, majority of them were pleasant and understanding. Except when it came time for me to leave.

I stayed over a little bit to help 2 other customers get shoes. Just walked into the stockroom (climbed the very top of a ladder too) and then all the sudden I hear a lady yell into the stockroom: “HELLLLLOOOO!! IS ANYBODY EVEN IN HERE?!!” So I get down and walk to the door and see this middle-aged suburban mom outside.

ME: Yes ma’am. Were you calling for someone? LADY: passive aggressivelyUmm, yes I need these shoes in a 8. AND BY THE WAY, there’s nobody out here. You have a LOT of customers out here that need help too! [She points to exact customers I was already helping]

ME: in the same tone of voice she used Yes ma’am, I’ll be more than happy to get these for you as soon as I am done getting THOSE CUSTOMERS’ shoes first. I was already helping them. [she stares in disbelief at me that I responded back, as I walk back in the stockroom, she opens the door and shouts towards me]

LADY: And what’s YOUR name again?!!!

To be fair, I felt kinda bad after I said that to her and was going to apologize when I came back out. But she was long gone by the time I brought out her shoes. Lol oh well...

-- DJisSquare













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