Server Hell: Refusing To pay For Getting Cut Off
Crazy Customers: If this doesn't work, I'm calling corporate on you!



I would be one of the people standing in line for 5 minutes, because it would be terribly rude to just cut into the customer that is currently being served to announce I was there for takeout. If there is a second person at the counter or one close, than I could understand, but if all the cashiers are busy serving people and no one else is close, I would be uncomfortable announcing myself.

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I haven't been inside a Tim's in ages (drive thru's for me!), but I can totally see this. People not wanting to butt in line. Need a separate line or location for mobile pick up orders.


Yeah, that sign only works when you have enough cashiers.

One time at a place similar to that the one cashier was taking orders, AND calling out the finished orders as they came from the back.

So i got in line with about 10 other people all of whom were placing orders.

So when I got to the front and showed him my phone receipt he said "You could have cut around the side."
um.. no.
that would have required i cut around an entire line AND attempt to interrupt you/catch your attention while you are taking orders from all of the people who did not place phone orders.

I can wait.


If they have it premade and waiting for you, the longer it takes to get to it the less fresh it's going to be... thus causing at least some people to bitch about it and demand it be redone, thus slowing things down. In addition, the mobile ordering is intended for speed, so you walk up, wait for their attention, say you have a mobile order and your name is X, and they should be able to just hand it to you.

It it only takes a second, it wouldn't bother me to have someone do that. It's when someone wanders in and decides they're too important to stand in line and starts demanding they be served first just because...


(finally realizes it's a Tim Horton's and laughs) Sometimes y'all are too Canadian for your own good. :)

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