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Auto Parts Hell: Customer Wants to Swap A Used Battery for a New Battery



From IdiotaRandoma, Tales From Retail:

I work in auto parts, and while most transactions are mundane we do get some... oddballs here and there. One night, a gentleman came in saying he needs a battery, and he brought an old one in. I think this is great; I'm gonna net a ~$150 sale and he's already got his core in hand! I see it's one of our batteries, a two year unit, and presume either he wants to warranty it or it's actually going to be his core.

I inquire about it and he said it's a good battery and he's had it about a year and a half, but he doesn't need that one anymore. The unit he brought is a top post unit, and he now needs a side post unit. That's straightforward enough, so I show him our side post units and their prices/warranties. He says "No, I want to trade this battery for one of those." This request is, of course, absurd, and I try to be polite in telling him, "No, you're a moron, buy something or get out," but he's not having it.

He insists I can take that battery back after 18 months of use and resell it as a new one, and all I've gotta do is give him a new side post unit for it. I ended up having to tell him I can't sell that battery and the best I can give him is either a $5 recycle or $18 core credit on it. He then retorts that if he went to any other [our store] that they would accept that deal, as if I'm somehow going to buy that.

Thankfully, he wasn't rude or anything, but he did get rather offended when I told him I can't trade an old battery for a new one. He ended up leaving without buying anything. I still wonder what possessed him to think that idea wasn't absurd.










"He then retorts that if he went to any other [our store] that they would accept that deal, as if I'm somehow going to buy that."

"Ok, thanks for coming. Next customer?"

What kind of shitty car batteries are they selling that only last two years, though?

Kai Lowell

I assumed that was just how long the warranty lasts, but the battery itself doesn't go kaput after two years. I could very well be wrong though.


Even Walmart's are like five, though... The warranty on a car battery is how long they expect it to work at full capacity. It will still work after that (I've got one in my garage that's around 20 years old, but can still put out 12 volts...for a bit.) but not at full amps, so usually not sufficient to run a car reliably.

Kai Lowell

*shrugs* Don't ask me then. I know nothing. (Which we knew. :P)

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