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From   Amydextrous, Tales From Retail:

I work in a bookshop in the UK that also sells other bits and pieces like toys and electronics at low prices.

So I’m coming back from the shop with food for break when I see one of our speakers out of a box and in a gift bag that is slightly torn. I think to myself ‘well that’s weird.’ And pick it up and take it with me out the back while informing my manager that I have it. Again, not really thinking anything of it because I’m hungry as hell.

Once I was back off break my manager explained to me what happened.

So a couple came in, somehow got the speaker off the till front without the cashier noticing then took it to the back of the shop. The man then unboxed it while the lady caused a scene of dropping gift bags everywhere. When the bag broke, the man went asking the cashier for a large £1 bag and that’s when I came in, saw the speaker and took it to the break room with me.

Not an exciting story but I thought you guys would get a kick out of it.

-- Amydextrous









Misty Meanor

At least you stopped them!

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