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From  cheesey_wonder_, Tales From Retail:

Little girl: LG Me: Me

I'm a cashier at a big box company. Any how..I am known to get very upset when "guests" (customers) yell at me. Just before this I had a customer yell at me because some of her coupons weren't working. Hint: She had the wrong product. Well she proceeded to call me stupid and tell me I was worthless. All in all I ended up in tears.

My manager loves me and let me go to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. I came back with my customer service smile. Now I know I shouldn't let someone ruin my day but it just happens sometimes. Any how the next guest is a young woman with two kids a baby boy about 9 months and a about 3 year old girl. I love kids so I'm already feeling a little better.

LG: "That's my toy!" With the biggest smile ever. I can't help but smile back

Me: "Wow that's super cool did you get it for being such a great big sister!"

She laughs and nods then just kind of stares at me. At this point I'm done scanning their items and tell her mom the total. All of a sudden the little girl says something but I couldn't quite catch it all but it sounded like "so so beautiful"

Me: " It's so so beautiful outside?"

LG: "NO! I said that you are so so beautiful!"

Me: Speechless " Oh my goodness well thank you sweetie! You know you are so so beautiful too!"

LG: shyly " Thank you!"

I turn to the mom and tell her what an awful day i was having but that her daughter had just completely made my day a million times better.

Needless to say whenever I am having a bad day I still think about how one little girl made such a huge impact on me.

-- cheesey_wonder_







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