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From   jaythewise  Lady I Don't Work Here:

I work in IT. At the place I started at I got my foot in the door by doing desktop and I still do this to some degree when my team needs the help but nowadays I do more project work and training. So many people at my 2000 person company recognize me but I typically do not remember all the people I interact with.

Anyways I am eating my lunch in the mall on my lunch break and I see someone from my work I do not know very well but he recognizes me. (Note that in theory we do not get paid for lunch breaks but I am on salary so whatever...)

Anyways dude from my work shuffles over and asks if I can help him and his friend (I will call his buddy) setup work email on the personal phones they happen to have handy.

I tell him "that work email as per our corporate policy is not allowed on a personal device."

Dude: "no you misunderstand, we will only use it every once in awhile and I know a few people have this setup"

ME: "well that may well be but typically it's pretty rare and vetted, besides I don't know our exchange server address off the top of my head. Also if I setup this up for you, our security team will probably disable it fairly quickly..."

Dude: "can you find out the exchange server so you can help us?" Ignoring everything else I said

ME: "nope you would need approval, so give our Service Desk a call." (Also important to note that everyone is supposed to call our Service Desk for IT stuff, for everything...)

Dude: "look this will only take a second"

His buddy pushes his phone at me....

Buddy: "Ya I know the exchange server actually!"

ME: "do you work for my blah blah blah company?"

Buddy: "Nope but I hear you are the go to guy at your company"

ME: "Nope"

Buddy: "what? haha"

ME: " I dont help random people with IT stuff unless I get paid, I am eating lunch, go away..."

Dude: "haha no need to be mad man, we were just looking for a little help"

Me: " I didnt catch your name...."

Dude: " I am jackass"

Me: "Last name?"

Dude: "ummm blah blah?"

Me: " Ok thanks, if you need help call the Service Desk please"

Dude "....." walks away.

I ended up calling the guy's manager and section leader to report this moron.

Dude gets canned about a month later. I am unsure if it's related but fuck him I am not your fucking IT monkey you plug.

Edit: I don't mind helping people at all really. But really when you work for my company you agree to a IT policy that explicitly basically states don't mix your work IT stuff/devices on your personal IT stuff/devices. So it's a pretty well known policy.

-- jaythewise




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