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Discountrat1From Puppies In Prada

So, background: My upstairs partition of shoes and purses is right next to books' upstairs partition. And their partition is three times the size of mine. (Note: there's no jealousy here: I generally don't overflow my area, and when I start to, the best fix is to ask Missy for a 50% sale for a few days.) Up until recently, the book storage was an insane mess of canyon sized walls of nothing but boxes of books.... and an itty bitty path between them.

Due to a rearranging of the store and the enlargement of the book section, more books than ever before are hitting the floor and being purchased.

The result? The canyons have been cleared up over the course of the last ~3 months. Shelves have been unearthed. Organization has happened. The itty bitty paths have grown to reasonable walkways amidst stored books. It was then that Eric, persona #2 (#1 being Patricia) of doing battle with the book section, uncovered boxes and boxes full of comic books, stashed in protective sleeves.

Eric has approximately zero fucks to give about even acquiring knowledge about comic books, and there were enough of the damn things that he felt it was better to slap a uniform price sticker on the whole lot of them and leave them out for comic nerds to pour over. Namely... every damn comic is $1 a piece. (Retail price marked on the covers is $0.75 - $1... knowledgeable collectors exposit what you will on this).

So yeah, this collection is an exception to the "look them up and discount them 75%-80%" standard pricing policy.

Onward to the story!

The night is a typical night; I'm doing last register shift and a couple come up, carrying a box full of comics (approximately 200 count, so $200 worth of comics give or take). It's 15 minutes to close. (Of course!)

Woman: "So, yeah, I'm pretty sure none of these are really valuable. So will you take $50 for the lot of them?"

How do I get a hilariously stupid bid for lower price for the second week in a row? I must be blessed. First that "I have cancer so give me a $75 horse figurine for $20" and now this "give me this $200 box for $50."

DouchedBitch, this ain't a yard sale so we don't haggle, and you're stealing money from the animals. Fuck you with a cactus.

Me: "I'm afraid not."

Man: *huff puff* "Is there someone else we can talk to then?"

Me: "No, sir. The man who priced these is the only one who can adjust the price and he isn't here today. Anyone currently here will tell you the same answer that I just did."

Man: "Well will he be here tomorrow?"

Me: *internal sigh* "Maybe? I'll have to look it up. If you'll give me a minute..."

Man and woman laugh scornfully.

Man: (very sarcastically) "What a NICE woman."

Motherfucker I will HM01 you! ... Yes that's a pokemon reference. I'm a 90's kid. Sue me.

I look it up.

Me: "Yes. He will be here tomorrow."

Man to woman: "Okay, just pull out a handful to buy tonight and we'll come back for a better deal tomorrow."

They take the box to the end of the counter and start rifling through it.

Carolanne 041It's now 10 minutes to close. If you go through 200 goddamn comics one by one I will commit what will later be dismissed as justifiable homicide. I KNOW WHERE WE FUCKING KEEP THE KNIVES!

Thrognar blessed me, for they selected 8 comics, paid for them and left.

Drawer counting commences, I get a bit of free time while Patricia double checks our countdown. I know what kinds of people customers are, and I suspiciously seek out the area where the comics are displayed.

5... boxes... of comic books have been spread out over the shelving. 5 boxes, approximately 200 per box... the shelves are CARPETED with comic books.... except for the space where Eric taped a sign asking people to leave the place as organized as they found it.

Irony or just a sick sense of humor?

I yell my rage, making no-nonsense Steve join me to see the mess, and we hastily gather up the scattered comics and tuck them into the boxes again.

I rage rant the situation to Patricia, who writes a note about how the couple left us a mess and got assholish with me and leaves it for Eric when he comes in to open the tills the next day.

His idea to handle the nonsense was to remove all the comics for 24 hours then put them back.

*sigh* Really, Eric? You couldn't just tell them, "No," and be done with it?

On the plus side, if they did come in, they didn't do anything noteworthy or talk to staff.

--Puppies In Prada



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