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From maybejolisa, Tales From Retail:

It’s certainly not the most involved story I’ve got, but it’s definitely one of the times I’ve really struggled to maintain composure. I was working answering the phones for my store, and had the following exchange with a customer:

Me: Thank you for calling [NAME REDACTED], how may I direct your call?

Confused Adult (CA): I need to place a [$2,000 PRODUCT] on hold.

Me: Ah, unfortunately sir, we don’t hold products over the phone. You can order it for in-store pickup though, and come get it whenever it’s convenient.

CA (sounding irritated); NO, I need to place a [PRODUCT] on HOLD. For four days.

Me: Uh, well...the in-store pickup is the closest thing we really have. Would you like me to help you with the website?

CA (a little bit louder now): NO. I want to give you five hundred dollars a day on my card, for four days.

Me: ...like a layaway...? We don’t do that either, sir.

CA: Okay, look, I can spend five hundred dollars a day on my credit card. I need to break my payment up into four days. Got it?

Me: Is that a limit on a debit card, or...?

CA: No, that’s my credit limit.

Me: Your credit limit is five hundred dollars.


Me: Um...so just to be clear, you have a credit card with a five hundred dollar credit limit that you’d like to use at our store. You...do realize the credit limit doesn’t renew daily, right? That you’d have to pay it off to be able to use the credit again?

CA: crickets

CA: ...I need to call my bank.


I struggled so hard to keep my voice as neutral and non-judgy as possible but also...how?






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