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From nodnarb232001, Tales From Retail:

This just happened.

Drive thru, taking cash, providing adequate customer service, flirting with old ladies; that's my day.

Enter Quarter-Brain, reasoning for the namesake shall soon be readily apparent.

QB- Do you take those Quarter-Dollars?

I'm a bit perplexed by this. Was she referring to the Dollar coins that are roughly the size of a quarter? Did the US mint put out a new Dollar? What...

She then hands me a quarter. A regular quarter. One of the state quarters. Kentucky to be exact. These are, and have always been, worth 25 cents. There is nothing special about them currency wise. They also have "QUARTER DOLLAR" emblazoned on the front. I can understand a 1st Grader getting tripped up by the wording but this was a fully grown, adult, woman.

QB- That's worth a dollar, right?

Me- No, this is a quarter.

QB- But why does it say Quarter Dollar on it?

Now, dear reader, you may be wondering if she was simply fucking with me? I assure you she was not. There was no trace of irony, sarcasm, or humor in her voice. She was seriously asking me why a quarter was called a quarter.

Me, completely serious, as if I were a teacher addressing a student- It's called a quater dollar because its value is equal to one quarter of a dollar. Twenty-five cents.

She looks at me with skepticism, then her quarters, and I come to the realization that I an watching a grown-ass adult come to the conclusion that "Quarter Dollar" literally means "Quarter of a dollar". She then begins to ask about Half Dollar coins but stops herself mid sentence, hopefully from realizing that she was well on her way towards proving the criticisms of the US Education System correct.

Now, here's where it's confirmed that at no point was this some elaborate joke. She considers the money she has. It's mostly quarters. She has me remove items from her order upon concluding, after learning that quarters are, in fact, not dollars, she does not have enough money.

So yeah... fun times.







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