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3 dumbassFrom Courtney Wasserman, kitchenette

I was at Starbucks, waiting in line to order coffee.

The woman in front of me asked the barista, “Does your mocha have coffee in it? Because I don’t like coffee.”

The barista answered that yes, Starbucks mochas—in fact ALL mochas—come with coffee in them. But if she doesn’t like coffee, he would be happy to make her a hot chocolate instead.

She replied, “No, I want a mocha. But make mine without coffee.”

--Courtney Wasserman




Sometimes, the attempt to be a good person and save them a couple bucks isn't worth the fight. Make a hot chocolate, and charge them mocha prices. Saves so much time effort, and sanity.


Ask her what she thinks "mocha" means?


That's like going to a bar and ordering a virgin screw driver.
Orange juice is cheaper than booze, but what ever!

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