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From HighAsARose, Tales From Retail:

I work in a RSL in Australia, for those who don't know what that is, it's like a huge pub for retirees and half of the club is for gambling. On this night I was working in the change box as the cashier giving out people's winning.

Me - Yours Truly R - Receptionist UL - Upset Lady

Story Time

I had a lady hand in a coupon with another customers name on it. So I call Rand ask her to page this lady over the speakers which she does.

R: Attention members and guests, would customers name please see the cashier in the change box.

Nothing happened so I figured that she had left, it happens fairly regularly when customers don't want to stop gambling to answer their page. I few hours go by and I get a call from R.

R: Hey there's a lady here who is friends with the lady who you had me page, screaming at me saying how dare I announce that her friends loved one is dead over the speakers.

Me: Umm, I don't know if anyone she loves is dead, tell UL and the lady you paged to come and see me.

R: Okay, they're on their way up to you.

A few more hours go by and still nothing. At this point it's been like 6 hours since I had her paged. Finally UL comes up to me.

UL: Are you the one who had my friend paged?

Me: Yes, she-

UL: How dare you! My friend was in such a state of shock when you did that she dropped the drinks she was carrying on the floor and broke down crying because thanks to you she found out over the club speakers that her loved ones are dead! Then she went back to the bartender who wouldn't replace her drinks because they didn't see what happened, you should be ashamed of your actions!

Me: The page didn't say anything about anyone dying, did she get a phone call at the same time?

UL: No! She found because of that page!

Me: The page said "Would (customers name) please see the cashier in the change box", it didn't say anything about someone dying.

UL: Why would the club page her then!?

Me: We only page someone to the change box if someone has forgotten something or lost something. Your friend dropped her coupon, you can take it for her if you want.

UL: Ohh... it's just a coupon. Well, yes I will take it and make sure don't give anyone bad news over the speakers.

Me: I never have and your friend didn't receive any bad news from this club. Please enjoy the rest of your time here.

UL: Well I'll try, no thanks to you. (Wanders off)

I'm still unsure about how asking someone to see a cashier lead them both to believe that I had announced over the speakers that a loved one was dead.

TL;DR: Paging over speaker != Loved one is dead







I remember the only time someone called a place and paged you was for a life and death situation and they were trying to find you. The only way was a landline or go there looking. She is probably mentally living more in the past than the present.


As someone in my 30's my mind would have assumed "lost item or lost person"

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