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From  cabbage_patch_cunt, Tales From Retail:

I’m a cashier at a major outdoor retailer and I had an older customer that came in this weekend that didn’t know the difference between cash and credit. Our store has a Visa rewards card that lets customers earn in store points by charging to their credit card. At the POS I have to select if they are using points or charging to the Visa. I’ll be “M” and the dumb customer will be “DC”.

M: Alright your total is $22, go ahead and insert your card. Now are you going to use or save your points today?

DC: (Mumbles) Save them, I’m paying cash.

I barely heard the last part about paying cash, so I selected pay with Visa because I figured that’s what he wanted because there would’ve been no point in putting his card in. As the transaction is finalizing he says this....

DC: Did you not hear me I said I was paying cash!

M: I’m sorry sir, I must’ve misunderstood you. I can post-void this transaction, give me just a few seconds. It’s too late to go back.

DC: I’ve never had a problem with this before!

My manager comes over to post-void the transaction and walks away. I ring up his item again.

M: Alright, $22 sir.

He still has his card in his hand and inserts in the chip slot.

M: I thought you were paying cash?

DC: I am.

M: Oh, well you have to charge to your Visa to earn points, since you’re paying cash you won’t be able to earn any points on this purchase.

DC: Puts his card in front my face and shakes it THIS is my CASH, this is considered CASH to me.

I’m really confused at this point

M: So do you want to use your points instead then?

DC: No I’m paying CASH!

M: Ok I think we’re having a little miscommunication here.

DC: There is no miscommunication I’ve never had this problem before.

M: So you want to save your points and charge to the Visa then?

DC: Yes!

M: Ok, thats what I did the first time and then you said something was wrong? I’m sorry but I’m just trying to understand what the problem is here. There was no reason to void it then.

He yanks his card out of the machine. I’m confused and a bit frustrated as he is really wasting my time and being a pain in the ass. Customers are piling up behind him.

DC: Whatever I’ll just do this then! Pulls out two $20 bills.

M: Points at the bills then his credit card Ok this is CASH, and this is CARD.

DC: I’m done arguing with you. Just give me my change.

M: I apologize sir, but I’m just trying to understand what you’re saying. Ok, it’ll be $18 back to ya.

DC: I told you I’m not going to argue with you.

I hand him his change and he walks off without saying another word.

M: Thank you!

So I guess his original plan was to charge to his Visa card, or “Cash” as he likes to call it, but then he got frustrated with me and decided to use ACTUAL CASH instead. Extreme confusing. Hopefully you all understand this.

-- cabbage_patch_cunt







Always fun when idiots use technical terms they don't understand, and think it's YOUR fault when you can't figure out what they're gibbering about.

Had one asshat who would call in with a 'challenge', as in "I'm facing a challenge with my computer." ...ok, is it asking you to climb a rope wall or type 500 words in two minutes? "It says 'Moronic User Error: If I had hands, I'd slap you silly." "Oh, a problem. To fix that, --" Interrupt'd! "No, a CHALLENGE!" (rolls eyes so hard they get friction burns...)

Misty Meanor

Some people are crazy.

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