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3 dumbassFrom Valerie Ekman, thrillist

I work at a cupcake store. When people order at the register, a slip comes out for whoever's packing the cupcakes, plus any notes about how to pack them. At that point, I'll start pulling the flavors from the trays, place them on the counter, and then put them in the box. I've done this hundreds of times. Until this lady walked over and saw that I had placed four of her cupcakes on the counter.

'Are those mine?' she said, already really nasty.

'Yeah,' I said, 'I'm grabbing your box right now.'

'They're on the table,' she said, still in an angry voice. 'They're dirty.'

I guess I could see how someone MIGHT think that, if they had never eaten a cupcake before in their entire life, and didn't know cupcake wrappers exist. But I picked one up for her and showed her the wrapper. 'They're wrapped, they're not touching the counter,' I said, like a sane person.

'No,' she said, now really angry. 'They're dirty. Give me new ones.'

So I did. But what an idiot. Was she planning on licking the bottoms of the wrappers?

--Valerie Ekman



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