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From IndyRook, TalesFromRetail

I had just opened the door to our grocery store last Saturday and was barely five feet from the entrance when a man came in loud and angry.

Angry Man(am): You the manager?

Me: [crap I am today] Yes sir, how may I help?

AM reached inside a shopping bag and pulls out a plastic container. I recognize it as one of our special buy items that we just put out this week. He holds it up, empty, and I think he's gonna ask where he can find more. Unfortunately, we had sold out already. This is gonna be uncomfortable. Instead it takes a turn.

AM: How the hell are we supposed to open this damn thing?

He shoves the plastic container at me, a little pickle juice still inside, and I take it. I look at the top and it has been cut open like a can of beans with my dad's old military can opener.

Me: Uhm...

AM: Yeah! I had to take a stake knife to open the same thing. What do you do super glue them shut?

He's red in the face and I see a co-worker stop walking towards me and 180 back down another aisle. I look at the container while he rants and draws attention.

I see that the lid seal, a little plastic tab had been snapped so it should have opened. I push my thumb up on the lid and a ring of plastic pops right off. This would have been the entire lid if Freddy Krueger here hadn't lost his mind digging for pickles.

Me: Hmm, well...

AM: The duck you do that?

I show him what I had done and he realizes he had been trying to pull on the container and not the lid the entire time.

AM: Sumbitch!

He politely takes the container back puts it in his sack turns and quickly walkout the door.

Awesome way to start a Saturday! Making a customer look like an idiot I'm front of a bunch of people. >:)







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