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From RubberReptile, Tales From Retail:

It's post holidays in the photo store and it feels like everything is broken. One of our print kiosks is offline because it's likely caught a virus or something that's stopped it from processing orders. Anything submitted through it literally disappears into oblivion, never to be seen again.

One lady takes the giant "out of service" sign off the screen, turns on the screen, closes the virus scan we were running then opens the kiosk app and proceeds to start her order. That's about when I notice what she's up to and intervene.

I politely tell her to please use one of the other two available kiosks, but she whines about how she's already started her orders. I remind her of the sign that she didn't read: the kiosk is out of order, and anything done on it does not go through. She replies some snarky, "it seems to be working just fine." So I shrug and let her do her thing. I was with another customer anyways. Boxing day, you know.

Fifteen minutes later she finishes her order and stomps up to the till, pushes aside other customers and asks how long her prints are going to be.

Of course we hadn't received the order. l said to her that we hadn't received it and included the politest retail, "I told you so," that I could get away with.

To her credit, she didn't totally fly off the handle. She got red in the face and said, "well thanks for wasting my time" and stormed away in a tizzy.

The other customer I was helping had seen the entire interaction. In his deep booming voice, he laughed and said,

"You can't fix stupid."

Truer words.








You can't fix stupid, but at least we've got the Tide Pod Challenge to clean it up a little

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