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From  itstheleviathan, Tales From Retail:

So I'm a locksmith, I both go out on calls and stay at our shop where we sell locks, keys, safes, all kinds of stuff. It's just me and my dad that work here.

This happened a few years ago but you usually remember the really fun customers. We were doing some cleanup around the shop when a middle aged woman comes in and slams a (rather expensive) key down and says she wants to return it. CL for crazy lady and M for me

M: "Is there a problem with it?"

CL: "No, you made this key for me when I lost my car keys last month, but I found my keys so I don't need this one anymore"

M: "I'm sorry but if there's nothing wrong with the key we can't refund you."

I said it was an expensive key earlier, it was for a mid-2000s Mitsubishi, and it had a remote head. The chip keys we sell are $20 plus programming, and the remote heads are more depending on the make/model of the car. If I remember correctly her key was around 80 for the key itself, not counting the service charge to go make it when she lost hers. Total cost was somewhere around 220, which she wanted the full refund of for whatever reason.

CL: "Well can't you just un-cut the key and sell it to someone else?"

M: "No ma'am, we can't un-cut keys. Plus it's been programmed to your car so we couldn't reuse it anyway."

CL: "Go get your manager so I can speak with him"

My dad is around the corner in the back room and heard the whole thing, so as she said this he poked his head around the corner with a chipper "Hi! What can I do for you?"

He then gives the same answers, pretty much word for word, until she's visibly angry that we won't give her 200 bucks

CL: "is the owner here? I'm not leaving without some kind of refund"

My dad's more amused than irritated by this point so he just says "Sure, let me get him for you" and heads into the back.

He's back there for a few seconds, then he pokes his head around the corner, this time wearing his reading glasses, and says "Hi! What can I do for you?"

CL, fuming now: "Do you think I'm an idiot?"

Me internally: "yes, a little bit"

Me externally: "No, not at all. Unfortunately neither of the three of us will be unable to give you a refund though, seeing as it's been over 30 days and there's no actual issues with the key. I'm sorry we couldn't help you any further."

CL: "Well I hope you're happy that you just lost a customer"

Then she leaves, forgetting to pick up her key sitting on the counter. About 5 minutes later she walks back in without saying a word, picks up the key, and leaves. But not before my dad chimed in with a "have a nice day!"

TL;DR: lady wants a refund on a key we made for her because she found her old ones, she can't understand that we can't un-cut keys and gets mad.

Edit: I have more stories, a couple more from the shop, but a few from going out on calls too. I'll share if you're interested, not sure of the mods would be cool with the service call stories though

Edit 2 because some people can't seem to grasp that both services and goods cost money:

Service call = $40, this is the basic local "gas and services" charge. An extra $10 is added on for every 10 miles away, so her total service call was 50

Fitting a key to a car when they've lost it = $35 usually, and this involves either peeking inside the lock and reading the pins, or taking apart the lock. In this case it was the latter, so we're charging for time spent also.

Key programming = $40, this is a set price because some cost more, some cost less, and we only charge to program keys that require us to hook up our machine(which by the way costs several thousand dollars, plus several hundred per year) to their car.

And then there's the price of the key itself, which I mentioned at the beginning of the post.

So yup, sorry if you can't grasp that things aren't free

-- itstheleviathan






a normal person would put the extra key away in a safe place for the NEXT time they lose/misplace their keys.


Yeah, but a normal person wouldn't have asked if you could 'un'-cut a key...


If you ever figure out how to uncut keys, let us know. I'm sure there are a lot of hobbyists around that would like to undrill a hole or saw a board longer, and I expect the same principles would apply.

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