Retail Hell Memories: Make up your mind on how you want your change
Pet Store Hell: Let's Put Two Murderous Fish Together So They Can Be Friends!



Uh....those are cherries.


Those are radishes. I used to grow hundreds of them in the spring, and a couple hundred spring green onions. They're probably Cherry Belle one of the faster to grow varieties.


Holy cow...they look like cherries with stems. My bad.


I more saw a little red dress than a rabbit..


To me it's a red dress, not a rabbit.


With the eggs, I saw bunny. Without, I'd have seen dress.

Kai Lowell

Looks like a hand giving a peace sign to me.


I read on Wikipedia about this town named Oaxaca in Mexico and the residents do Night of the Radishes for Xmas every year. They grow these big radishes and make Holy family figures and other figurines as well. Quite lovely! I hate radishes but I find the veggie sculptures to be impressive!

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