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Jason 001a

From Yyim5677, Tales From Retail:

A customer was purchasing a bottle of tiki fluid but it didn't have a price on it. So I asked another co-worker to get me a price. She comes back and tells me that there isn't another one on the shelf so she has to go all the way to the back to get the price on the computer. I turn to the gentleman (OG) And apologize that it is going to take a while.

OG: whatever. I've come here once a month for the last two years and it's never priced so I just wait here.

Me, internally:...okay... Why wouldn't you just remember the price then? Whatever.

Me: week would you mind if I take the customer behind you while we wait for her to come back?

OG: I'd rather just wait.

So then we awkwardly stood there for like 5 minutes waiting for a price on this bottle of tiki fluid... He was just the grumpiest man ever and I have never had someone refuse to step aside for the next customer...






McHell Manager

I used to work at a McD's that had drive thru with two windows--One to pay, one to pick up your food. It was also a bit more open than normal, so people could pull out of line easily. One day, I had a customer who had to wait for his chicken to cook, and we asked him to park. He got super pissed and refused to move, smirking because he thought that if he didn't move, that would somehow force us to cook the chicken faster because now we're under pressure to move the drive thru. He had choice words for me when I just told the back drive thru person to hold cars there and we handed the food out back there, and for the person stuck in the middle of the windows, I just walked outside and handed their food to them. I'm pretty sure I counted at least five Fuck Yous.


Dafuq is 'tiki fluid'? Sounds rude.

As to that McD's cockmongler, I'd had to try very, very hard not to hand him half raw chicken and tell him it was 'medium rare'...

McHell Manager

I think tiki fluid is the fuel for tiki torches. I have a bottle or two in my garage.


Ah. I've never seen it called that, just 'lamp oil' or kerosene...

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