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Jason 026

From  Mexican_sandwich, Tales From Retail:

Busy Friday night, a guy comes up to the counter and asks for me (Manager).

I go over to him and ask him what's up, and apparently we made 4 food items wrong the last time he was here. Without a receipt, without proof, I just quickly go off and remake his stuff because it's a Friday night and it's super busy and I can't be arguing with a customer for 10 minutes right now. Besides, the stock only costs us less than a dollar anyways.

So I made his food, and went back to give it to him but he wasn't at the counter. I had no time for this, so I put it in a warmer drawer and began other orders.

I eventually spot him in the crowd 5 minutes later, and give him his remade food. As he takes it, he has the audacity to ask 'Do I get anything for my trouble?'.

'No' I say. 'No, because you have 0 proof that the order was made wrong the first time, 0 proof that you've even been here before, and I remade your stuff for free.'

He looks angry, like he's about to yell, but leaves.

Later in the night he calls the stores phone to put in a complaint about me. Obviously he forgot my name, because he goes on and on about how bad the service was, making up lie after lie about how his chips (which weren't part of his replacement) were cold, how everything was made wrong, how he was overcharged (lmao).

Imagine his shock when I said that I was the one who served him.

-- Mexican_sandwich








McHell Manager

There's been a small series of customers almost like this at my store. They come in, claim that their sandwich was messed up, don't have a receipt, never called, etc. There were a few times that I gave them the benefit of the doubt and allowed them to receive free food without any sort of proof. Suddenly, they change their story. It's no longer a Whopper, it's a Double Whopper, with fries and a drink. And of course they get pissy when I call them out on it. The whole 'give an inch, they'll take a mile' kind of thing

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