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From belf_priest, Tales From Retail:

I work in a very small regional grocery chain that’s known to be very low-traffic and usually dead. Having our rival, and cheaper, chain half a mile down the road doesn’t really help much either.

So one day it was slow as per usual, a couple comes through my line to buy only a few of our indie brand protein bars. They were pretty quiet and didn’t talk much, oh well, sometimes people really aren’t up to socializing.

Not even five minutes after they leave, the girl comes stomping up to the front desk with a fistful of the protein bars, now I can’t really hear what she’s saying to the supervisor but she’s obviously confused about something.

They go off to the side, my supervisor tells me to turn off my light and come over. He hands me a small basket and says,

“They’re telling me the protein bars they bought were expired, so go check the aisle and find me all the expired bars. Go through every brand”

Now, as I’m walking off with the basket, I’m thinking just great, yet another customer complaining without grounds and wanting to make a scene. I’ve been a frequenter of this sub for about a year now and it’s turned me pretty cynical 😅

I start going through the protein bars and my coworker comes to help me out. At first we find a few oddballs that are within a month of going out of date.

But then we find more.

And more.

Entire boxes of bars that went bad last year, several of them, and a few even from 2016...(This happened last month btw.)

We pretty much cleared out half the shelves and needed an entire full sizes carriage to deliver the past date bars back to our supervisor, who looked pretty horrified. Even the couple who came in with the original expired bars looked pretty dumbfounded too; eventually they bought fresh bars and left without further issue.

It just makes me wonder what’s happening to my store, we’ve known for awhile the chain was downsizing with store closures and hour cuts to the cashiers, but now stock isn’t being turned? What does it mean? :/

-- belf_priest







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