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From punicearana, I Don't Work Here Lady:

So I was at Walmart tonight after getting off of my retail slave job at an overpriced food store, therefore still in work clothes (all black). No name badge or jacket, just black shirt, pants, and black sneakers. I was using the handicapped scooter as an old injury is choosing to act up. I had about 4-5 things and was waiting in line at the self checkout.

Of the seven self checkouts, 2 were closed. I was waiting for one to open and this guy at one of the other ones looks at me and asks if I can help him out.

Guy: "It says I have something unexpected in the bagging area"

Me: "ok?"

Guy: "can you fix this please so I can finish up?"

Me: "sorry, I don't work here"

Then, the scanner next to him opens up, so I go to do my checking out. The guy comes up to me and says "thanks for nothing, you dumb bitch."

I looked at him and said "maybe next time, you can ask someone who works here dude. Obviously I don't work here since I'm checking out my stuff, plus I highly doubt an employee would be riding around in one of the store scooters."

Dude rolled his eyes and watched me check my stuff out, then I dropped off the cart and walked the short distance to my car.

I'm just glad he didn't follow me or anything.






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