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From 0rbItalXS, I Don't Work Here Lady:

One day I was at Pink with my (ex)girlfriend, just picking out a few pairs of nice underwear and such because of a sale they had going on. I was in no way looking like a worker, wearing a leather jacket, blue jeans, and blood red dyed hair. I was standing there as she looked through a bin, holding this she had picked for me to look at.

I guess I was putting things away like I was organizing things, because a lady walked up to me saying "sorry about the mess" and profusely asking me questions about why I "chose this place".

After a few minutes of me trying to understand why she was telling me all of this, I realized she thought I had worked there.

My girlfriend walked up to me and said, "you ready to go?" And the ladies eyes widened with such surprise. "You don't work here! I was wondering why a guy was working here"

I just shrugged and laughed and left after I waited in a long line for checkout.

Tldr: Lady thought I worked in Pink, and continued to ask me why I chose it because I am a man.












The forum these come from must have really, really short attention spans... It's like 7 sentences. Does it really need a 'too long, didn't read'? :P

Kai Lowell

I wonder if it follows in the tradition of the TIFU subreddit...EVERY post there, no matter how short, is required to have a TL;DR on it.


REALLY short attention spans.

I'd start posting short main posts and ridiculously long 'too long'. :P

Kai Lowell

Some people actually do that. Gets their posts promptly removed.


Sounds like a place to avoid...

Kai Lowell

Mostly it is, yeah. You do come across some entertaining stuff every once in a while though. (When you're not getting the heaps of reposting asshats who are obsessed with copulating with tree nuts or getting hot pepper juice on their genitalia...)

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